CFRAM Programme

The CFRAM programme is split up into four key steps that have to be completed by certain deadlines. These deadlines are set out in the European Communities(Assessment and Management of Flood Risks) Regulations of 2010 (SI 122/2010) These are;

The Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA),

completed December 2011

Flood Risk Mapping

to be completed December 2015

This involves the mapping of areas that are at significant risk from flooding. The maps will show the extent of flooding likely, how deep the water could get and how fast the water will flow.

Flood Risk Management Plans

to be completed December 2016

This involves the development of flood risk management options to mitigate the risk of damage resulting from flooding in areas at significant risk. The options considered could include the construction of flood walls or embankments, the installation of a flood warning system of the use of catchment management techniques to reduce the risk from flooding.


South Western RBDCFRAM Deadline

Draft Flood Risk Review


Final Flood Maps


Draft FRMPs


Final FRMPs


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